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Although I know a few of my friends believe in it. I'm not sure why.. Joined Dec 30, I'm an Aquarius. I don't believe in most of it, because the description of my sign isn't really like me.

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I like to see if it's supposed to be a good day or not. I mean it's almost never right, but it's just a way of me feeling better about the next day. I always read 'Tomorrow' the night before. And I read Yahoo for my dailies, weeklies and monthlies on Sundays. I read my the ones for each day all in a row because they're available. And the site I liked about finding out about my sign is astrostyle.

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Babyjustrun said:. Meep Penguins. Joined Jun 13, I believe in some of it. I like to look up my horoscope for the day or the next day. HDD said:. I do the same thing. Sometimes it's right though about my day which is kinda freaky but I doubt it means anything. I also see the compatibility with my crushes and I. Joined Jan 3, Taurus, and I don't believe it at all Joined Apr 5, I am A Sagatarious. Joined Jul 15, I'm a virgo and for the most part I'm not like it.

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I'm not a neat freak which is a large part of the sign. I do fit some of it though like the controlling bit. But I'm more on the creative side then the 'rational' virgo.

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I do read my horoscope everyday though. Joined Aug 31, I believe most of it. Joined Aug 5, I'm a Scorpio. The tratis for that fit me pretty well. I read my horoscope occasionally. I used to be obessed, but not so much anymore. Joined Jun 19, Joined Mar 30, Im a Leo. I kinda believe in it but not really. Joined Apr 14, You'll be hailed as a hero. The opportunity to expand your skill set will arrive. Although this course will consume a great d Making money from your expertise should be your primary goal in the New Year.

You're a patient te You'll find a use for your expertise in Landing a job with a university, publishing house o If you want to be in the good books of the Taurus women and understand them better, it is advisable to know their basic characteristics. Read on to get an idea about the personality of Taurus women. Emotionally, the Taurus women are too strong and can survive the most challenging situations and handle huge amount of stress. It is not surprising that in the moment of need, they would rather rely on their independence and fortitude than on sympathy and support of others.

Get Janampatri for more detailed prospects — this report is Birth Chart based and hence percent customised.

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The Bulls also carry a very strong sense of values and possess a distinct personality. Besides, they are very artistic and sometime very musical too. The good life in all its forms — the fine arts, music, good food, physical pleasures and material goods are heaven on Earth to the Taurus-born. If you closely observe a Taurus, you will see that their possessions speak highly of the need to own the best.

Plus, family lovers that they are, the Bulls also ensure that the things they do or possess make their near and dear ones happy. Taurus Romance Overall speaking, most Taurus natives are excellent individuals. However, their stubbornness, combined with their trademark laziness, can create problems they may find difficult to deal with. Often they make little or no effort to change the situation they are around them.

Hence, they may find themselves in similar kinds of situation again and again. The life partner a Taurus chooses bears a strong impact on the personality of the Taurus. Thus, they need to find someone, who will give them the much-desired stability. These security-loving souls like to be rooted to their environment, work, home or opinions.

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Others may call it their stubbornness, but the Taurus prefer to call it the need to guard their stability. This makes their mind closed to new ideas and radical changes.

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  5. No wonder, the Bulls rarely buckle under pressure and adversity. They prefer to be in a rather Zen-like peace. Usually, the Taurus are extremely patient and dependable. But when annoyed, the Taurus will rage and turn ferocious and unstoppably angry. Sure, they are temperamental, but once the thunder dies down, they also prove to be the sloppiest of sentimentalists.

    They are also quick to regain their Buddha-like stance, almost as if nothing happened! For the ones born between these days, the planetary ruler is said to be Venus. The nature of these people would, thus, be sensual and passionate. Most of them are pleasure-seeking and possess a tremendous will-power. However, these people may blow hot and cold, specifically to bend others for getting things done.

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    They would have tremendous will-power. Those born under this influence are determined to get whatever they desire of life and hold a great reverence for material wealth. They also tend to seek stability in all the aspects of their life and are faithful partners.

    As mentioned earlier, they are sensuous and love to employ the sense of their touch to experience various sensations. Your Janampatri gives you an overview of various aspects of your life and also the expected problems you may face in your life and the precautions you need to take. Janampatri , a completely reliable analysis of your Natal Chart, and if employed well, it can play as an important guiding force in your life. Taurus are averse to taking risks, and certainly are never rash.

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    The reason number one — the Bulls are security lovers — their security net is paramount to them. Reason number two — they are lazy and have an inherent need to hold on to their possessions. So, all in all a Bull likes to play a safe game. Well, that is not such a bad thing always, though this tendency may stop them from going all out and having fun. Also, many Taurus individuals are slow and lazy, which may irritate their partners. Nonetheless, the possessive Taurus individuals make excellent lovers, as they tend to value their loved ones, over everyone and everything.

    Their own personal lives and security net are precious to Bulls, and they do not hesitate to shower their beloved with amazing gifts.