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Two pillars for the conception, the hour and month and three for the hour, day and month of birth. But what are the Four Pillars? Below I will simply outline a basic definition so that we can better grasp what we are looking at. Once the layout of the Four Pillars are understood, a Four Pillar chart can be drawn up in just a few minutes. The following are some bullet points that will get us through the basics so that we can get a more complete understanding of Four Pillars:. The Zi Rat Hour is from p.

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It seems that the day begins at p. However, please refer to the page from [Yuan Hai Zi Ping]. If he is born in the lower four quarters of the Zi Rat Hour, then he is considered born on the first day of the year. Some astrologers advocate that Winter Solstice is to be considered the beginning of a year. I explain why this is not true in my Four Pillars Correspondence Course.

It is too complicated to elaborate here.

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Worth, TX. The hour pillar is the Earth Horse and would simply be called just that. For the day pillar we have the Water Ox and for the month we have the Wood Snake.

The year pillar is the Water Dragon. The following chart is from the astrology software, The Imperial Astrologer.

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Disregard the row at the bottom with the combined elements for now. Also, here is a link for an excellent two-part article with one of the authors of the Imperial Astrologer, Malvin Artley. But this will be difficult for those wanting to explore the technique any further, in any depth, if they have not fully read and understood the previous articles. One may decide to stop here and get the basic introduction to the twelve animals and five elements by clicking on the hyperlinks above. You can always be depended on for nourishment and support. Given ideas or thoughts, you will ponder usually them and bring forth a response that is productive and supportive.

You have a strong Day Master, which is considered a good thing. Now, even though you probably don't need more encouragement or support, you would still benefit from being challenged by an authority you respect and by putting yourself into creative activities and managing your projects. Y ou have what is called an Interdependent Day Master and this suggests that you prefer to work with people. You prefer to work from within a secure framework, situation, or group rather than to work alone. What this indicates is that you are, above all, a team player, someone who prefers working with and through an existing situation group interaction rather than working alone as an entrepreneurial type.

In other words, you work inter-dependently with others as opposed to being somehow above and independent from the group. You are more productive when working with a group than when trying to create things on your own. Also, you are not at home being the boss and telling others what to do; you would rather work with others as a part of a team. At the same time, however, you sometimes resent authority and don't like the feeling of being controlled, although this is probably due to a lack of confidence on your part.

In summary, cooperation with others is a necessary quality for you, a quality very important for your own well being. You draw strength, increased confidence and accurate direction from your friends and family and from your surroundings in general. Given a supportive environment, you thrive.

You naturally prefer not to function as an independent agent, but do fabulously when picking up on anything that is already established and in motion. You have a somewhat fragile Day Master, which suggests that your life energy or Qi works best in an environment that is protected and secure, perhaps surrounded by friends and with plenty of resources for growth and confidence.

Y our Day Master season is Winter, the season when the element Water rules. This is probably too technical, but here is what the tradition has to say about each of the five elements in Winter:. Winter season celebrates the element Water and marks a time when this element is vibrant and at its strongest. Wood is also considered strong in Winter because Water produces Wood and if Water is strong, then Wood automatically is strong. Metal however in Winter is weak because Metal is the Mother of Water and in order for Water to be strong, much Metal has to be used to produce Water.

Earth is not strong in Winter because Earth controls Water, but when Water is very strong, it cannot be controlled. And last, Fire is weak in Winter because Water controls Fire, and because Water is at its strongest in Winter, it tends to over-control Fire, thus weakening it. The "Five Factors" or "Five Stars" as they are commonly called is the very heart of Four Pillar astrology as they define your relationship to the cycle of life.

The cycle is endless, but the Five Stars or snapshots of that cycle are: "You and Companions," your Expression, Wealth, "Influences on You," and your Resources support system. We will go through them one by one. In Chinese astrology, the Output Star has to do with whether you are able to produce or do the things you need to do in order to be successful; it also has to do with just what kind of things these areā€”the products you make, if any. As you might imagine, creativity and expression of all kinds can be found here, whether that be in the Arts music, film, writing, speaking, etc.

This star rules expression of all kinds, in particular creative expression.

Zi Ping Bazi natal card

You especially love and value creativity and self-expression in all things. This is a lifelong trait and very much a part of your makeup. You love and want to be a creative force and to express and show to others whatever you consider as beautiful and fine. However, this factor is not as highly visible in your Four Pillars chart as are some of the other factors you have going for you. The net result of all this is that you may be more of a closet creator than you would like, either finding it hard to express your creativity to others and the world around you or more probably finding it hard to get the recognition you crave from the world for what you have produced.

One result of this inner love of creativity is that your may find yourself working with others who are creative, fulfilling your own sense of creativity by enabling others to use their creativity. This syndrome can be very touchy for you. A lmost everyone is concerned with what their Wealth Star has to say. The Wealth Star covers not only what wealth we may accumulate but also our ability to create and hold onto wealth and property.

You really care when it comes to money, property, wealth, finances, and all of that. This is something that may concern you, perhaps excessively at times, and this amounts to a caution: money and possessions will be very important to you regardless of whether there is any real cause for worry. However, you may have trouble controlling or managing money so be advised. This is not your strong suit. Another point is that the good things in life are something you value and you are not ashamed to let others know of your good fortune.

You like to show off what you have. T he Influence Star, also called the Power Star, refers to all that controls or influences you and how you take to that control, whether you like guidance or find it intimidating. In astrological terms, we are talking about authority and the rules and regulations of the planet Saturn.

Your Influence star shows how you relate to authority. You can tolerate authority but only in small doses and even then only when you are on the top of your game. Otherwise, you tend to experience these same persons or authorities as overriding and bossy when you are not feeling as secure. At these less-secure times, rules and regulations seem to get in the way and appear as obstacles rather than as help. This kind of love-hate attitude to oversight or direction by outside authorities will probably play a significant role throughout your life, and regulations may not always be easy for you to negotiate or bear.

By "outside" authority, we mean anyone in a position to direct or lay down rules or regulations that affect your life and work. These authorities could be as benign as a mentor and teacher on the one hand or a too-demanding boss on the other. You can at times be overly sensitive to this kind of direction and may be liable to resist authority of any kind. In fact, how you respond to direction very much depends on the state of your own confidence in yourself. When confidence is high, direction is welcomed or at least tolerated, but when confidence is low or you feel somewhat out of control, then direction and regulations from the outside can be experienced as just too controlling and confining.

It may be difficult at these times for you not to resent authority. Since this condition resides in your natal Four Pillars, this is not a passing phase but will be a lifelong condition, something you should be aware of and prepare for. T he Friends Star is pretty much straightforward; it refers to your friends and companions, co-workers, as well as your business partners. Here we learn how social you are and if you prefer the company of others to being on your own.

It is unlikely that you will ever be lonely, for you will probably be surrounded by friends and acquaintances. You own self-esteem can at times be low, and you will depend on those around you for encouragement and increased self confidence. However, one caution: you will find that not all friends are "friendly. Against this eventuality, you should remain aware of this configuration and take note.

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In other words, despite the fact that you have a strong friendship quotient, there is an indication that not all friends will remain so. Some will turn into competitors at best and enemies at worst. There is this propensity. R esources are your support system, that is: what you can draw upon and use to become stronger and achieve success. Resources are like the mother that feeds you when you are a child but also, like a mother, they help to shape and inform you, including education of all types.

In astrology, this would be what we call the Moon, which refers to emotions, feelings, everything that comes from inside and from the past. Your need for support is what is in question here.

Success and happiness for you very much depends on the support of others, your surroundings, and on your circumstances or environment in general, and it is important for you to have that support available. To succeed in life, you will do best by seeking out situations and people that will give you support, whether that is a revenue stream, a pat on the back, or both. You do best when someone has your back and stands behind you.