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Do let us know how your week pans out, we always love to hear from our listeners! For both the Northern and Southern parts of the globe, October 1 sees Venus clash with Pluto, bringing topics of truth, trust and honesty to the fore. Mars in Libra from October 4 brings focus to a new part of life for the next 6 weeks. We explore some of the possibilities of this once-in-every-two-year transit. First up the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Libra on Monday, marking the equinox and bringing balance and equality to the fore.

Saturday is the final meet up between Saturn and the South Node, and we have a serious discussion about bushfires and letting go so new shoots have room to grow. And later on Saturday, or early Sunday in Oz, brings the New Moon in Libra, which is particularly magical being ruled by Venus who is also dignified in Libra. What connections or partnerships will you be making with the New Moon in Libra?

Love to hear in the comments below. Thursday can be especially productive, thanks to a driven Mars trine Pluto aspect, helping you focus on what needs to be done. What are you going to do with Mars Pluto square? Any hopes for Saturn direct? Tell us in the comments below. First we announce a very special event in Brisbane in January !

A year ahead retreat on Thursday January 9th, first looking at the astrology of and then diving into your chart for more personalised view on the year ahead. Looking forward to getting together in person and spending some quality time with our listeners and friends! Kelly, Cassandra and Alicia cover the astro weather for week beginning September 9! Within hours, Mercury and Venus both change signs heralding a change in pace around communication, connection and collaboration!

What are you looking forward to most as we reach the second half of September? Australian astrologers Alicia, Kelly and Cassandra chat about the energy of the week of September In one of the busiest weeks in the sky all year, with 16 aspects there is too much to cover, so we've each chosen just one aspect to speak about The Mars cazimi at 9 degrees of Virgo on Monday is a fresh start to the week and month with a new Mars cycle, refining our energy and purifying our will.

Then Venus opposite Neptune brings a midweek slow down on Wednesday, with possible confusion but also creative magic to tap into.

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As for the rest, it's a good week to be prepared for and just stick to the essentials. Unconventional Uranus is in the spotlight as a series of planets in Virgo form supportive trines to Uranus in Taurus. Experiment or shake up a boring routine and try a new app or gadget.

The New Moon in Virgo brings fresh energy and the promise of a re-start heading into the weekend. Virgo loves efficiency, effectiveness and refinement, which you can use to spring clean an area of your life. Mercury trines Jupiter the same day, being the final uplifting energy from the Leo party joining up with Jupiter in the sky.

Confidence to speak your truth, inspired, contagious ideas or generously sharing your wisdom. As Venus meets Mars, there may be some friction but the general energy is togetherness with a plan.

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Australian astrologers Alicia, Kelly and Cassandra chat about the space weather of the week of August 12 - August 21, Partial. March 6, Saros February 3, Saros January 3, Saros December 2, Saros November 1, Saros October 2, Saros August 31, Saros July 31, Saros June 30, Saros May 31, Saros April 29, Saros March 29, Saros February 27, Saros January 26, Saros December 26, Saros November 24, Saros October 24, Saros September 23, Saros July 22, With Mercury sextile Saturn and trine Neptune on Wednesday we have a mix of clear and unclear communication.

What does this foretell? We are sensitive, creative, inspired to be out in nature and to learn. This is beautiful energy for the artist, someone who needs to detach from the world for a while, take a break from the real world. I recommend in whatever way you are creative use Wednesday and Thursday for those activities. In regard to love relationships, which is Venus territory as well, know your boundaries, take it slow so there are not misunderstandings between you and your love.

It is happening to all of us so be gentle and kind to yourself and others. The fog will clear soon enough. Friday November 15 th through Sunday November 17 th the Moon will be in Cancer for most of these 3 days. We may all feel sensitive to our surroundings, we may want to stay home because the world may feel a bit overwhelming at times or we are focused around home as many people are getting ready for family holiday traditions.

Feeling edgy and out of sorts and we may not even know why.

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All of these Options are perfectly normal. Also, for all of Monday November 4th and most Tuesday November 5th the Moon will be in Aquarius which is a very analytical thinking energy it is not overly emotional.

This is fine as we have smart choices to make Tuesday especially if you are involved in voting and elections as we are here in New Hampshire. We need to be easy on ourselves and hold others with the same kind of understanding and compassion we know we need. Another way we can engage positively with all this water energy is through creativity, imagination and artistic activities. With this combination between these three planets if we trust our intuition and take that path of least resistance then we will be able to meet our goals, complete projects and feel accomplished. For the weekend November 9th and 10th here are some of the specifics about this Aries Moon and other transits we have going on.

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First off, the moon entered the sign of Aries early Friday morning and remains in that sign till Sunday night. The overall energy of this is one of action and movement and discovery of what we personally need in our lives since Aries is so focused on the self. This weekend in New England is the Natural Living Expo it is a huge event with hundreds of vendors and dozens of presentations every day.

As an example of the Aries Moon and Mercury in Scorpio retrograde.

What Does This New Moon in Cancer Mean?

A person could easily go about the whole weekend choosing one thing after another not spending too much time on one thing. Taking in a lecture here and there, getting a reading, buying books and crystals and learning about energy work etc. Whatever floats your boat this weekend and feels good to you, you are likely to do it without asking someone else what they think. But what we will be doing no matter what your choice for the weekend activities are.