Leo horoscope 9 march

Set aside time to learn more about the technical details of your work, especially if you are in a new position that requires more knowledge. In sentimental matters let the fruits ripen and fall by their own weight, do not force the situations that may arise at a certain time because now you are in a good astral tone, however, you tend to rush, and that does not suit you.

Love There are certain people charged with negativity, envy and frustrations that have not solved their existential problems and they approach you to charge you with their hesitations and doubts, do not let yourself be enveloped by that sad wave. Health Your Inner Self tells you what is best for you and you should be guided by your intuition to avoid setbacks during this cycle of the month of March you are going through, Leo. Work Is there a delay?


Do not despair, although it seems slow this economic process started recently continues to be carried out and soon you will have very promising news and money in your account. Money and Luck Check your appointments and write everything down conveniently without leaving anything to memory because now important situations will arise that will require your presence to resolve urgent financial issues. You will run into some know-it-alls, and even though they might be obnoxious, it would be wise to put yourself in their shoes.

Mercury makes a few connections that find you thinking back to February 19 through February it clashes with Jupiter on March 14, connects with Pluto on March 16, with Mars on March 17, and with Saturn on Match Sorting through exaggerations to get to the truth of something, rethinking some commitments, and working through issues that may have been brushed off take place during this time.

The spring equinox arrives on March 20, with the sun entering fellow fire sign Aries! This is an exciting time for you to travel or study.

Monthly Horoscope: Leo, March 12222

Aries season is a great time for you to promote yourself or publish your ideas for the world to engage with. Libra is all about fairness and Aries want to go, go, go. A big ending may take place now, but remember, Mercury is retrograde, so wait until after the retrograde to see how things really shake out. This is a big time for release—get it all off your chest!

Leo Daily Horoscope

The news that comes your way may be shocking or even upsetting, but things are in flux now, so stay focused on transformation, and know that nothing will stay as it is. Venus clashes with Mars and mingles with Jupiter on March 21—excitement, romance, and creative inspiration are in the air! This is perfect for meditation and journaling—but it's not so hot for important conversations or decision making.

Avoid paranoid thinking at this time! There are limitless possibilities when it comes to career options. What Color Matches Your Personality?

Try The Quiz Now!! Money is not necessarily the value that binds you to maintain a position, but rather reaping the benefits of those that were fortunate because of you. Test Now!

Leo Daily Horoscope

If you have a March 9 zodiac birthday , you may be concerned with your diet. However, you can cook a delicious organic meal that even the master cooks would be proud. Pisceans look to meditation and the power of positive thinking to remain consistent in projecting a disciplined level of fitness. You use quality products to ensure effectiveness when comes to what you put in your body. Although it is not healthy to eat a lot of red meat, you may have one glass of red wine with dinner.

Monthly Horoscope: Leo, March - VICE

It will help you relax and sleep better. When it comes to family values, your birthday traits show that you want to extend the institution of being a devoted parent to your children but somehow, some Pisceans missed the boat. Those born on March 9 are likely to have experienced struggles as a child. Zodiac Astrology Name: Date of Birth: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Therefore, when it comes to parenting, you may like to take a more laissez-faire approach to nurturing.

Perhaps the other parent should be the disciplinarian.

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To be honest, Pisces, you find it hard to train your children. Being indifferent today can cause a big modification later in life.

Leo Monthly Love Horoscope – November 12222

Meet the challenge, Pisces born on March 9. You could be put to death! Your ruling planet is Neptune that stands for encouragement, dreams, intuition and addiction. This card symbolizes the need to give thought to plans, isolation, and spirituality. Number 3 — This number symbolizes optimism, adventure, and happy-go-lucky attitude.

Number 9 — This number symbolizes sympathy, emotional and helpful nature.

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