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Nobody could have known then the horrific toll in casualties on that day or the scale of the atrocities still to come before the war was really over, but it marked a turning point on the long road to peace. For me, June and 6 share the fragrant crimson of summer roses, while 19 is white and rich amber and 44 blazes in yellow gold.

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My birthday was a day of roses and gold even though D-day itself is starkly black and all the newspaper photographs are monochrome images of sailors and soldiers in combat gear, planes, tanks and landing craft. He and my mother Morag were married there.

My parents were socialists. It was the legacy of the war that informed my early consciousness.

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Our family weathered the great winter of in rural South Queensferry, then moved south to various addresses in London before settling for a while in Canterbury, where my sister Elsa was born in And there were far too many war widows and orphaned children. My generation, who benefited so much from postwar optimism and rebuilding, were children of the British empire.

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  • At school, we saluted the flag on Empire Day. Many of us went to Sunday school. Music While You Work was still broadcast from factories where so many women had worked in munitions and other essential industries.

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    Our school in Canterbury was brand new and, although we had little money, I was privileged, later, to go to a grammar school and also to Kidbrooke, a flagship comprehensive school. It seems astonishing now that it took the act to repeal the ban on women teachers marrying, but the mind boggles at the casual misogyny, routine racism and anti-semitism found in novels of the period. It was paradise after the squalid lodgings we had been in.

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    Everything in your personal and professional life should be in order. With your good taste and eye for style, beauty, and form, you like to decorate your surroundings and beautify your home.

    You are very proficient in manual work. Accepting your own imperfections and failures helps you to come to terms with the world and its limitations. A cozy, warm environment, a hot tub, candlelight dinner or any other romantic activity at home is what these individuals prefer. The challenges for birthday number 6 are a lack of satisfaction, snobbishness, a lack of compassion, being domineering, interfering, and overcritical.