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At work, the natives can capitalize on their talent and their power of expression.

More daily exercises can keep them away from health issues. In March , you will need to work hard in order to demonstrate to others that your plans can function. Patience is your most valuable weapon, especially at work. Instead, you are enjoying stability in love and health-wise, but you should try not to waste money. In love, everything stagnates because you are investing all your energy at work. Only after the 15th, Venus gives you more appetite to love. You are completely immersed in work, and the passion you dedicate yourself to work will be rewarded accordingly.

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Mars brings impulsivity and even aggressiveness in love, so you risk some heated arguments with your partner or adultery, which you may regret afterward. You need a lot of caution to refrain your instincts.

At work, you may face difficulties in concluding contracts and during negotiations. You are prone to get hurt, to accidents or to a manifestation of some chronic diseases! June is going to be a very demanding month at work.

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You will get involved in new projects, you will want to make daring transactions and even some loans in order to start something new that could bring you profit. You enjoy a lot of creativity, but you tend to work more than you are able to. Be careful with your health! The stars can encourage you to rest more, to dedicate your time to introspection and to listen carefully to your own thoughts.

It makes an unusually long transit four months in the Sign of Aries from February 2nd to June 6th. This shows romantic opportunities at work, with a co-worker or employee.

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Seems basically happy. Marriage is a possibility — though there is much free will these days.


Venus, as steady readers know, moves through all the Signs and Houses of the Horoscope in a given year. It is a fast-moving planet. Thus love can come to you in all kinds of ways and through all kinds of people and situations. The retrogrades of Venus these are usually rare, but we have one this year from March 9th to April 20th are significant in your love life. This brings apparent setbacks, delays, changes of direction in love.

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Good relationships will weather these things. In fact, getting through a Venus retrograde as well as a Saturn move through your 7th House is an excellent test of a relationship. Scorpios looking towards a second marriage meet with good success this year. Communal, long-term projects, a change in your living arrangement, or making your union official are to be expected.

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If you are single, you will feel like getting into a relationship, but you won't really be too sure of yourself. You will wonder whether you might not be better off staying single if you want to advance your career in complete freedom and keep flitting around as you wish. If you act with total recklessness, don't be surprised if you are called to order. On the contrary, if you are mature and wise, you will have every chance of evolving as you expect and in a pleasant atmosphere.

It is up to you to prove that you are up for what you aspire to do and to make every effort reach your goals. Be motivated and combative while adopting a more philosophical attitude. Too much nervousness and misusing your energy will health will yo-yo, but on the whole, you will stick in there and know how to get a hold of yourself as soon as you feel yourself slipping. To avoid sudden tired spells, take advantage of your weekends off to take care of yourself and recharge.

Don't take any risk to reach your goals.