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All kinds of techniques can be applied to this planet to judge whether they are a source of frustration or more of a benefit to your life. I was misunderstanding that the least of planetary position of total degree to be taken.

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Ah good, I know a lot of people have the same confusion, so I thought it would be easier with a picture. Thank you! Hi Shagun, it is the planet with the lowest degrees, regardless of the ascendant or other house placement.

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I hope this answered your question, let me know if not! Does saturn darakarak in libra in chitra nakshatra guarantee that there will be compatibility with the spouse. Venus, mercury, sun and jupiter are also in the same sign. Hi Richa, examing compatibility and fulfillment from spouse requires additional techniques.

The Navamsa is really the place to look at your Saturn, as well as 9th house in Navamsa, 7th from Atmakaraka, and also applying some Jaimini techniques to UpaPada. Your Darakaraka is exalted and sitting with friends Mercury and Venus, I can tell you those are good indications. Venus gives a light complexion, but Rahu gives dark or foreign. But, color really is not important and Venus in 7th usually gives a beautiful spouse anyway. Hi Brooke.. Happy new year. Very well you explained. I loved it. My Sun is my DK in krittika nak. And it is in 12th house sitting with Mars and Mercury which are in Rohini.

Karkas in Jaimini Astrology

Is it really bad.? You know my Mars is vargottam in d9 in ascendant. But I have my Venus and Jupiter in scorpio which scares me. My marriage is bad?


Because my Saturn is debilitated. Please help me regarding the characteristics of my husband please. His look and nature. Also give me an email id so how can I contact you. However, DK in 12th and 7th lord in 6th: there are different ways these houses can influence a relationship and need to be examined closely. One scenario could be a hard-working spouse who helps you get out of debt, but he also has addiction problems.

Marriage timing Prediction in astrology-Easy Method to Know Exact age and date

Another scenario could be that your spouse also has his Sun or Moon in the 12th and could come from another country. And yes, another scenario could be a very argumentative spouse with many conflicts in your relationship. Your Mars in 12th gives you Kuja Dosha too much arguing that spoils relationships.

I added a contact page at the top of my website. Take care! Hi Brooke happy !!

Darakaraka – Indicator of Your Spouse

I wanted to ask you…how would my spouse be as I have Jupiter darakaraka that is retrograde in 6th house aries, I have lord of seventh house Venus in the 12th house…and moon in the seventh house in Taurus? Hi Brooke. I am cancer ascendant, with sun, Rahu and a retrograde Venus in the 7th. Venus is also my Darakaraka and Jupiter in the 12th of Gemini.

My 7th lord is also in the 6th conjunct Mars, mercury and moon. Are my chances of a happy relationship completely screwed.

There would need to be help in your divisional charts to turn things around. Rahu conjunct Venus creates confusion around picking suitable partners, especially female partners. These degrees will show what the real strength of the planet is. The planet with less degree, that is of very minute fractions of a degree within Rasi is called DaraKaraka.

It may not be the Rahu or Ketu. Whichever planet with least degrees will show you the who and what your spouse is. In astrology, every planet should be studied through a concept called PAC. It is the abbreviation named Placement, Aspect and Conjunction. If your Darakaraka is under the influence of good PAC, then obviously you will have a good and happy love life.

Yes, the birth chart holds the main keys, but the divisional chart also has a say in it. All these should not be studied generically, each chart should be studied in a specific way. If your Darakaraka planet is in a stress aspect in the D1 chart , then it can be well placed in divisional charts as well. So, you may read a lot of stuff online about the stability of marriage. October 1, October 1, September 23, September 23, September 19, September 19, Your email address will not be published.

Regarding the Seventh House

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