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Astrological enthusiasts believe that many different personality "types" dwell within each of the signs. But some astrologers take that concept one step farther, suggesting that your personality may be affected by when exactly in your sign's "season" you were born. When we talk about the 12 astrological signs we know and love, the wheel of the Zodiac is divided into 12 sections one for each sign.

This represents the approximately 30 days the sun spends in each sign. But, in order to determine the specific "types" of each sign, this same wheel is divided into 36 sections known as decans.

Why Do They Matter?

There are three decans for every sign and each one is ruled by another sign of the same element yes, a sign within a sign. Luckily, there's a simple rule of thumb you can follow to determine the decan in which you were born: The first 10 days of your sign's date range make up the first, the second 10 make up the second, and the last 10 days make up the third.

If you've ever heard an astrologer say that you were born "early," "in the middle of," or "late" in your sign, this is what they meant.

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If this is starting to sound too much like an SAT problem, here's an example. The three decans within Aries are ruled by the three fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in that order.

Astrology Decans

So, people born under the first decan will be more influenced by Aries and its ruling planet, Mars, while those born into the second may exhibit more Leo-like traits. By that same token, people born in the last 10 days of Aries season may possess a few Sagittarian tendencies. For the record: Being born in the second or third decan of your sign should not affect which sign you identify with overall.

Decans | Astrology Explained

Also, it is a very fast Moon; it reflects the energy that comes along in almost no time. The empty space is necessary for the digestion process. Moon Aquarius people are eccentric loners, but this might not be obvious until you know them better. Having the soul Moon of Aquarius means being receptive to fast, "out there" frequencies. Aqua Moon signs like to be alone, decipher what they're picking up, and "translate" it into earthly life.

Emotional detachment keeps them cool-headed in crises

Those with the Moon in Aquarius seem to have access to the mysteries of the universe through their inner lives. Their emotional detachment keeps them cool in crises but can make them as remote as a distant galaxy. This is especially true for the first two decans of Aquarius, writes astrologer Kevin Burk in " Understanding the Birth Chart ": "The Moon in Aquarius can nurture the group, support the cause, and give of itself in abstract ways; but for the first 20 of Aquarius the Moon in Aquarius is peregrine and must go in search of the true meaning of compassion—that which comes as much from the heart as it comes from the head.

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Customer Comments. We know that all people with their sun in Aries are not the same.

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It takes the whole birth chart to determine the nature of an individual. The ancient astrologers knew this and divided each zodiac sign; modern astrology has taken the divisions further. We divide the signs by their elements, qualities and by the positive masculine and negative feminine expression. There is another method used to divide the signs and determine rulership, by using the Triplicities.