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However, be aware that others may envy what you have as your number often indicates someone you invite into your home will take something belonging to you. In your relationships you need intellectual as well as physical attraction. Yours is the number of attracting opposites when it comes to relationships and the close friendships you do make.

If this happens to you and you start wondering what you are doing with someone so different to you, step back and use your analytical abilities here.

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You may have more than one marriage in your lifetime and you are also the number most likely to out-live your partner so do make provision as you get older for what you would do if you spend the final years of life alone. You will make do with what you have at the time and wait and work for things to improve. A great many people who are a 5 get a great deal of satisfaction from working out of home or having their own business.

Travel is an area you would enjoy working in but whatever you choose it has to offer you mental stimulation otherwise you will quit and move on to something else.

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You love an audience so some kind of role that puts you in front of one or in the public eye is also a possibility for a 5. In particular, think about your parent of the same sex and if you are living out their ambitions or an image they had for you, rather than your own. This is your life — so live it! If you were born on the 14 th or 23 rd day of any month please see the additional information contained in your power number which you can find in this section.

I love getting more insight on why the numbers stand out so much in my life. I was 23 on the 23rd this year. The nature of the cycle does not change. The 1 Year is always a 1 Year. Daily World Numerology Forecast. Monthly World Numerology Forecast.

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January 23 Birthday Astrology

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January 23 Zodiac

Some cultures, as mentioned foster and harbour this more than others. And I planned her by using the natural and real things in life at the time, astronomy, astrology and numerology. I knew from my earlier studies of human biology at school…. If I have lost you here or you are struggling, then you need to go back and learn how the genes and chromosomes work.

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  4. That is enough for now but there will be a lot more to follow here as Joseph brings you the linking of the 3, "Knowledge, Imagination and Feeling", through out his own life, thus far! April There are 3 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 4th, 13th and 22nd.

    There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in April The New Moon occurs on Friday 5th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Good Friday 19th brightest sky. Well you may be interested to know a fact about the prior , MN 11 year. Up until this point in , the ULP no. What does this mean? Well I can't tell you everything! My daughter Renee, the Possum could tell you! Go back and read the top bit. How about using your "Knowledgeable Imagination" here!

    May There are 4 Universal Life Path No. There are 4 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th. There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in May The New Moon occurs on Sunday 4th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Sunday 19th brightest sky. Did you notice an increase in the numbers here. Well then, just wait for next month!

    June There are only 2 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 2nd and 20th. As the other 2, normally 11 days, occuring on the 11th and 29th are properly counted as ULP 2 days. There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in June Now wasn't this month interesting. Not just for the above revelation!

    But for the first time in this astrological month dominated by Gemini the twins. July There are 4 Master Number 11 days, occurring on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th. There will be no Master Number 22 or 33 days in July The New Moon occurs on Wednesday 3rd darkest sky.

    Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Wednesday 17th brightest sky. August In fact the sacrifice continues in this 3 ULP year. The 11 actually also assisting the MN 22 of which there are 2 in this month. Occurring on the 11th and the 29th of this month. Both MN 11 days. This month is also exciting as there is a 33 Master Number occurring on the Thursday the 22nd.

    As I have previously explained the 22 in Greek mythology, is usually associated with the feminine and "Hera". She will need lots of loving and nurturing or the opposite can occur, as she could very well be destructive.

    Numerology : the number 1 personality (if you're born on the 1, 10, 19 or 28)

    The will be 2 New Moons occurring on Thursday 1st and Friday 30th darkest sky. Whilst the Full Moon occurs on Thursday 15th brightest sky.